Metal slides stand the test of time and generations of family fun. Metal slides are an investment that you, your children and grandchildren will enjoy for a lifetime. Stainless Steel and aluminum slides are the most durable and longest lasting slides available and require the least amount of maintenance. Don’t spend your valuable PLAY time performing maintenance on your slide, spend it SLIDING with the kids on a one-of-a-kind,  hand crafted metal slide!

A metal slide will make an architectural statement in your playground, home, church, school, office or recreation venue. A safe,  high quality slide can be the focal and functional centerpiece to any project. They may be customized to match your favorite color or company logo. If you change, alter or modify a standard “Out of the Box” slide to fit your needs it will not only void manufacture warranties, it can be dangerous to the user!  Molded plastic slides are limited by preset dimensions and generic sizes.  Our hand crafted metal slides can be customized to fit your project specifications while meeting ASTM specifications and CPSC guidelines.

Metal slides can be hot, but as anyone who has been to the park on a sunny day knows, all playground equipment in direct sunlight will be hot! Contrary to popular belief, metal slides are cooler than plastic slides. Independent testing finds that even in the most adverse positioning, stainless steel and aluminum slides maintain a cooler temperature than even the lightest color plastic slides. The encapsulated spaces in plastic slides retain heat and the hot air  has nowhere to go other than the surface. In hotter climates, the expansion of this heated air in molded slides can cause expansion and failed junctions. In some cases plastic slides have exploded during use.  Metal slides will cool down faster than rotationally molded, double walled plastic. On the lower end of the thermometer,  in colder climates with extreme exposure a plastic slide is subject to cracking and structural failure.  Along with the damage to plastic slides from temperature, UV exposure will degrade even stabilized plastic. Metal slides are not susceptible to this UV damage.

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 Playground vandalism is a terrible problem in many public areas.  It creates a dangerous environment for children and becomes expensive for the community to repair.  One of the best ways to eliminate playground vandalism is to craft equipment from materials that are more durable and discourages vandals.  Temperature effects and vandalism BOTH create the need for costly maintenance and repairs to plastic components.

There is another surprising and valuable benefit from metal slides.   Children with Cochlear Implants will have problems with plastic slides, due to static electricity discharge.  Plastic slides can generate up to 60,000 volts of static electricity.  Your metal slide will discharge this shock to the ground rather than to the passenger.